animal incinerator for sale

We are looking for an incineration system for one of our client. Kindly let me have your technical and commercial offer for the combustor, in a day there will be a waste of 300 KG pet cremations,domestic incinerator,animal incinerator for sale ( which includes wood, leather, food, wood, waste etc.

Technical Specifications:
Fuel Diesel Oil
Chamber Capacity 0.15m3-0.20m3
Burn rate 15-20kgs per hour
Avg Ash Residue (%) 3%
Operating Temperature about 13000C
Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber 2 Seconds with
Temperature Monitoring and Thermostatic device system
12 feetX12 feet Tin shed
Concrete floor
Half brick wall with heavy-duty steel construction
Upper portion of the wall will be covered by iron grill
Big front door

1. So, incinerator need to connect to electrical power supply of 220V AND need to use Oil (or Gas) also. Correct?

2. Electrical power 220V is for (all control functions of incinerator) AND (Oil or Gas) for burning waste material. Correct?
· How much is your 100 kg/hr medical waste incinerator with venture water scrubber?

· Do you have air emission test results? If so please send a sample

· Can you containerize it with fuel tanks for 3 days operations?

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