animal incinerators for sale

Feed Capacity: average 200kg pet cremation,garden incinerator,animal incinerators for sale.
This means that we can pour the waste of 200kg or more into the incinerator at one time for burning it?

In your email, you told me that The incinerator can be used either with diesel or Gas but both diesel and/or gas use electric. And, also in its specification it shows that it need voltage of 220V.
We DO NOT understand this point. i.e. the incinerator can start the process of burning by using which power supply as its energy? Diesel (Gas) or electricity?

3. What is the meaning of (residency time)?
1. How much installation and training cost in Cambodia?

2. How long is the training time ( 2 days, 5 days..?)

3. The Incinerator can be installed at any special place? Or, it must be installed under the shelter?

4. Model: TS100(PLC) can be used with fuel, Gas, or Electricity?

5. Can you let us know what is its custom tax code?

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