pet cemetery

I am looking for modern hospital incinerator which can stand 1200 deg ,burn-rate 50 kg to 100 kg /hr

I’m actually thinking that the containerized incinerators would be better as I plan to install in places with no structure at all. Please send me a quotation for a containerized unit that can manage 200kg/hour.I want to start a pet cremation business in melbourne, australia.
need a unit that uses natural gas and can incinerate large dogs and pigs.we are looking for a suitable incinerator for one of our clients. it is a small hospital of 10bed capacity, with no theatre, but they do deliveries.I have a medical laboratory and a medical services company I am interested in having a small medical waste disposal machine to use together with other laboratories and avoid outsourcing this sevice.
please what you advice and what are the requirement and possibilities.Bonjour nous sommes un bureaux d’etudes spécialisé dans le domaine de l’environnement et désirons trouver un fabricant d’incinérateur pour un partenariat de vente et installations .

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